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Wedi Fundo Primo Curbed Shower Pan (Base) w/ Click and Seal Drain Unit

Wedi Fundo Primo Curbed Shower Pan (Base) w/ Click and Seal Drain Unit

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Wedi Fundo Primo Curbed Shower Pan (Base) w/ Click and Seal Drain Unit

The Wedi Fundo Shower Base is a robust, pre-sloped, waterproof shower floor base, and comes with a Wedi Click and Seal Drain Unit. (Multiple sizes available).

The original Wedi Fundo Shower Base. These robust, pre-sloped, waterproof shower floor bases come with a Wedi Click and Seal Drain Unit. You can select one of the square Wedi Premium Drain Cover options to fit the preferred design.

The Wedi Fundo Primo Shower System, like all Wedi Shower Systems, offers full warranty coverage thanks to its complete and natural waterproof core and range of specially engineered components. The Wedi Fundo Primo is internally waterproof due to its Wedi XPS foam‘s closed cell structure and naturally protects against mold or mildew like every Wedi XPS foam-based product.

It is fast and clean to cut to fit custom designs while prefabrication reduces installation time significantly. The base features a strong and pre-sloped surface, allowing for tiling immediately whether you choose a mosaic or large format tiles. The Wedi Fundo Primo is primarily made to work in shower designs including a Wedi curb.

Pre-sloped extension panels are available so that no limit exists for creating any size or shape for custom shower designs. The Wedi Fundo Primo is insulating, creating a thermal barrier that can prevent cold from transferring through the tiled surface, and makes floor heating systems more efficient. It also has outstanding moisture and water exposure control compared to traditional mortar bed installations or other currently known methods for building showers, including the use of sheet or liquid waterproofing membranes which can be very thin and vulnerable or they may offer water absorption into thin-set bonded seam areas.

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Base Features:

  • Multiple base sizes and extensions available - all customizable on site if needed.
  • Square and rectangular base options with center or off-center point drain locations.
  • Slope design allows for use of small or large format tiles when cut along slope lines.
  • Installed over various types of subfloors.

Wedi Click and Seal Drain Unit Features:

  • Commercial grade, solid drain body
  • Fundo Click and Seal Drain fits all Fundo Shower Bases
  • Drain Assembly included with every Fundo shower base or kit
  • Drain cover can move both vertically and laterally to accommodate any size of tile
  • Drain cover can be selected a la carte, but standard cover remains included with Kits
  • Drain is equipped with extra weep holes for faster draining of water from thinset mortar layer
  • Hair strainer now included in the drain assembly
  • Fast, clean, and simple installation
  • No plumbing license, glue, or sealant needed
  • "Click" sound as checkpoint marks visible from the top view into the drain confirm the drain has properly sealed to Wedi Base.
  • Seals to ABS, PVC, or cast iron waste pipe- even on drain/floor pipes up to 5° out of plumb
  • A special kit is available to seal to copper pipe
  • Can be cleanly and safely disassembled and reassembled, if plumbing needs to be replaced

Note: The Wedi Fundo Click and Seal Height Adjustment Kit is sold separately. The Drain Cover Exention only works for Wedi’s finished surface drain covers, but not with Wedi’s tileable covers due to their special water drainage design.

Here is how you select the right shower base size to fit the job in most cases:

Determine the distance between the center of the 2-inch pipe in the subfloor to all framed walls and where you plan to have the inside of a Wedi Curb (as if it were another framed wall). Next, take note of the longest dimension of the two distances measured along each axis (east/west and north/south.)

You will need to select a shower base that covers twice the length of the longest dimensions along each axis. This will ensure that the shower base will cover the entire shower area and, if needed, can be trimmed on-site to position the integrated wedi drain over the 2-inch waste pipe in the subfloor.

This method of calculating the correct shower base works for square and rectangular spaces with a mostly centered drain location. Where drains are very close to a wall, one of our off-center drain bases should be used if possible. Refer to the Wedi Technical Drawings section to select the correct base that covers your shower dimensions, and will properly align the integrated Wedi drain with the floor drain pipe.

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