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wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain System

Available now!

Our new Fundo Click and Seal® wedi drain continues the successful performance of our previously used drain technology by ensuring safe performance over time, and offering added simplicity in assembly. The new wedi® “Fundo Click and Seal®” drain allows us to offer one drain and installation process that fits all our Fundo designs.

Our customers can now enjoy all features and functional upgrades with wedi Fundo Click and Seal® no matter the design of the shower, whether it is a standard point drain shower, a linear drain shower, or a curbless floor-even shower. This further simplifies the installation process and makes professional installer/crew training easier than before.

Installation Videos

The wedi Fundo Click and Seal drain can be used with all styles of wedi shower base, including our linear drains. To see how each installation is completed, check out our installation videos. Installation videos for all types of wedi products can be found on our Youtube channel!

Installation Manuals

The wedi Fundo Click and Seal drain can installed easily following our installation manuals. To view the complete Click and Seal installation manuals, scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the downloader tool!

Benefits of the Fundo Click and Seal® include:


  • Commercial grade, solid drain body 
  • Fundo Click and Seal®Drain fits all Fundo shower bases
  • Drain Assembly included with every Fundo shower base or kit
  • Drain cover can move both vertically and laterally to accomodate any size tile 
  • Drain cover can be selected a la carte, but standard cover remains included with Kits
  • Drain is equipped with extra weepholes for faster draining of water from thinset mortar layer
  • Hair strainer now included in drain assembly
  • Fast, clean and simple installation 
  • No plumbing license, glue or sealant needed
  • “Click“ sound as check point marks visible from top view into drain confirm the drain has properly sealed to wedi base. 
  • Seals to ABS, PVC, or cast iron waste pipe- even on drain/floor pipes up to 5° out of plumb
  • A special kit is available to seal to copper pipe
  • Can be cleanly and safely disassembled and reassembled, if plumbing needs to be replaced 

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