Collection: Wedi Shower Benches

Wedi Sanoasa Benches 1-4

"The range of design options will give your bathroom a personal touch."

Product information

Comfort means something different to each person. The feeling of quiet and relaxation when sitting in the shower, though, is a very pleasant experience for everyone. The wedi Sanoasa benches provide plenty of space to relax and pamper your body in comfort.

The clever construction of the wedi Sanoasa bench enables unequalled freedom of visual design; both the seating areas and the carrier elements can not only be positioned the way you like but also their shapes and sizes can be modified to suit.

Sanoasa bench 1 - straight
The term "straight" refers to the right-angled front edge of the seating element. If this seating is combined with the straight edge of the substructure element, the result is an easy to tile and level front edge.  As a design variant, the seating area can also be easily fitted so that it protrudes. Furthermore the Fundo Riolito Discreto wall drain can be integrated into the support element with both the above mentioned construction types. Rotating the support element provides further design options.

Sanoasa bench 2 - angled

Variant 2 is distinguished by an angled front edge on the seat, resulting in a flush transition to the equally angled support element. This bench variant also enables further design options when rotating the support element.

Sanoasa bench 3 - rounded
With bench 3, the front edge is rounded off so that there is a flush transition with both the angled and the vertical sides of the support element.

Sanoasa bench 4 - straight, self-supporting
The wedi Sanoasa bench 4 is a floating seat element for individual tiling. The flexible installation height and suitability for all generations offer real added value. Installation can be done both on the raw surface as well as after tiling.

  • Watertight
  • Stable
  • Low weight
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Available in the widths 90 and 120 cm
  • Four different edge finishes to choose from
  • Width and depth can be shortened
  • Can be combined with the attachment element Fundo Riolito Discreto
  • Can be individually shortened
  • Integrated slope