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Wedi Joint Sealant

"Glue and apply 100% seal at the same time.“

Product information

wedi Joint Sealant is a single component Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) for use in wedi product system installations as specified in installation manuals. The product is especially formulated for high green strength (high internal strength), adhesion in wet and alkaline environments, and permanent flexibility. The product forms watertight seals on and in joints and in seams, and allows for dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration or thermal movement.

Particularly in comparison to traditional sealing tape and reinforcing mesh solutions applied in thinset mortar, the wedi Joint Sealant performs better in terms of water protection and stress and movement protections. Thinset mortar bonded tape applications will naturally allow water to migrate below the tape while wedi Joint Sealant seals to surfaces without the thinset mortar as an absorbing layer in between. Where assemblies are exposed to normal movement, traditional thinset bonded tape or mesh can only protect or add reinforcing strength up to the performance of the thinset mortar embedding it. If the thinset mortar fails, and they are not designed a crack isolation products, the tape will naturally fail with it.

wedi Joint Sealant with its direct and tenacious adhesion, yet an elongation potential of 220% provides added protections against movement. The same formulation of product was originally formulated , and is today used to seal assemblies in US military vehicles utilized in difficult terrain and exposed to sudden shock and vibration. On this basis, wedi added specific performance attributes to benefit the wedi installation performance.

However, if movement or settling exceeds what a typical tile as the surface finish can tolerate as per ANSI 118.12, which is exposure up to 1/16”, no sealant or tape or even shower liner can protect. It is therefore imperative to follow structural building codes (IRC and IBC) to install tile and underlayment product only over structurally sound and service condition acclimated ( wood) and cured ( concrete) substrates. Excessive movement may be tolerated initially as long as the substrate regains its original setting ( no excessive permanent settling can be protected against). The wedi Joint Sealant is of high viscosity and exhibits excellent non-sag properties.